Use of Project-Based Learning in Preparation of Education Managers: Case of Post-Soviet Azerbaijan


  • Lala Mammadova Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan



This study explores the implementation of Project-Based Learning (PBL) in Master of Education Management Programs in two Azerbaijani universities. The aim was to find out if the sample universities integrate projects into their programs using a systematic PBL model. Interviews with the faculty and administration were conducted and the curricula of programs were scrutinized to assess the level of the consistency in the subjects on offer. Although the courses in both programs are quite suitable for PBL integration, only in one of the sample universities was there evidence of extensive use of projects, albeit mainly in a single assignment level. The results show that Azerbaijani universities need to develop a well-structured PBL model adapted to the local context. The results of the interviews emphasize the crucial role of PBL in the acquisition of employable skills and competences in education management. Major limitations in the process of PBL implementation include a lack of awareness about PBL, inadequate organizational support in the form of staff trainings, the provision of facilities and negotiations with stakeholders.