Published: 29-03-2016

Emulsification of waste cooking oils and fatty acid distillates as diesel engine fuels: An attractive alternative

Eliezer Ahmed Melo Espinosa, Ramón Piloto Rodríguez, Roger Sierens, Sebastian Verhelst


Estimation of the Global Solar Energy Potential and Photovoltaic Cost with the use of Open Data

Athina Korfiati, Charalampos Gkonos, Fabio Veronesi, Ariadni Gaki, Stefano Grassi, Roland Schenkel, Stephan Volkwein, Martin Raubal, Lorenz Hurni


Optimal phasing of district heating network investments using multi-stage stochastic programming

Romain Stephane Claude Lambert, Sebastian Maier, Nilay Shah, John W. Polak