Vol 1, No 4 (2020)

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Managing Civility in News and Information Organizations/ Angela Powers

Do Family Members of Oscar Winners Win Too? A Status-Shift Spillover Effect Analysis/ Yasaman Gorji

News Framing of the China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A Media Analysis/ Salman Bahoo, Ilan Alon

Strategic Choices for Media Managers: A Conceptual Framework for Strategy Adoption/ Mohammad Abooyee Ardakan, Saeid Ghanbary 

Individuated Media/ Vin Crosbie

Media Innovation and its Influence on Policy-making in the Social Media Sector/ Somayeh Labafi, Dinara Tokbaeva, Mahdieh Jalalpoor

Review Articles:

Section 230 and the U.S Policy Debates Surrounding Content Moderation and Online Speech/ Jennifer Huddleston

Policy for Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Creative Industries/ Zhan Su, Hadi Zarea

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