Identification-of-self through a yoga-travel-spirit nexus


Holladay, Patrick J., og Lauren M. Ponder. 2012. “Identification-of-Self through a Yoga-Travel-Spirit Nexus”. Academic Quarter | Akademisk Kvarter, nr. 04 (august):308-18.

Abstract | Abstract

This article examines a heuristic paradigm of a yoga-spirit-travel nexus and its agency on the identification-of-self. In the ancient Sanskrit yoga means union or yoke. Yoga practice may act as a yoking or linking element between self-identity and spiritual development such that yoga travel may lead to the enhancement of self-identity for the yogi traveler. Conceptually, the practice of yoga acts as a catalyst for travel to partake in foreign yoga experiences. Both during travel and in the travel destination, the engaged spiritual capital via yoga may act as an uplifiting transformative agent for identity formation. We conclude that by linking self-identification to a yoga-travel-spirit nexus a foundation of self-enlightenment may emerge.