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23 • Efterår | Fall 2021 • Samskabelse: perspektiver, praksisformer og kontekster | Co-production and co-creation: Perspectives, forms of practices and contexts

Gæsteredaktører | Guest editors :
Lone Hersted, Aalborg Universitet
Ann Starbæk Bager, Syddansk Universitet
Ottar Ness, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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Video essay
Video essays should be 7-12 minutes long and accompanied by an academic guiding text between 1,000-1,500 words. The video essay should be of scholarly quality and may be argumentative (documentary) or symbolic (metaphorical) or a combination. The guiding text should clearly explain the argument in the video essay as well as the insight that the viewer may gain from watching it. Video essays should be final and handed in as a separate mp4-video-file. Academic Quarter supports only publication and not the technical development of video essays. Video essays and the guiding text will be reviewed together. Criteria for reviewing video-essays are a) the lucidity of the argument, b) the technical and stylistic execution of the video material and c) the clarity of the guiding text.