Ledelsesudvikling i et samskabende aktionsforskningsprojekt

Keywords | Nøgleord

co-creation, action research, storytelling organization, reflexive dialogue, withness-thinking


Munch, Charlotte Reimert. 2022. “Ledelsesudvikling I Et Samskabende Aktionsforskningsprojekt: Etiske opmærksomhedspunkter Som Intern Aktionsforsker”. Academic Quarter | Akademisk Kvarter, nr. 24 (maj):163-79. https://doi.org/10.54337/academicquarter.vi24.7258.

Abstract | Abstract

Leadership development in a co-creative action research project: Ethical points of attention as an internal action researcher


Based on the paradigm of social constructionism, this study includes a team of nine leaders who are involved as co-researchers in a narratively inspired action research project, with the aim of co-creating new opportunities within the notion of relational leading (Cunliffe and Eriksen 2011; Hersted and Gergen 2013; Hosking 2010).
The article examines transcribed excerpts from a dialogical process in the “start-up phase” and discusses how the action researcher’s (the author’s) attention – inspired by relational ethical approaches (McNamee 2019) – can support future processes of co-creation
Through empirical analysis, the author focuses on action research in her own organization and highlights the attention paid to the insider action researcher’s ethical approach, as well as how to co-create dialogue.
The study emphasizes how attention paid to ethical concerns in the dialogical process can expand the knowledge-building process through co-creation and help understand how a curious and exploratory approach to the facilitation of dialogues could support future processes of developing leadership in practice.