Strategisk samskabelse på biblioteker

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Samskabelse, pointe, partner, proces, produkt


Lystbæk, Christian T. 2022. “Strategisk Samskabelse På Biblioteker: Strategiske Agendaer Og Alliancer”. Academic Quarter | Akademisk Kvarter, nr. 24 (maj):210-26.

Abstract | Abstract

Strategic co-creation in libraries: Strategic agendas and alliances


Co-creation has emerged as a way in which organizations combine strategic product development and strategic customer relationship building. This article takes a relational approach to co-creation and presents two typologies that can serve to facilitate strategic leadership of constructive collaboration between the parties in co-creation.
The first typology concerns the strategic alliances in co-creation. It differentiates between the parties collaborating as a ”club of experts”, a ”crowd of people”, a ”community of kindred spirits” and a ”coalition of parties”.
The second typology concerns the strategic agendas of co-creation. It differentiates between the creation of “ideas”, “designs” and “practices”.
Taken together, these typologies show why there is no one best practice in co-creation, but different options and opportunities. Hence, co-creation requires on-going attention to and dialogue about the best fit between the key aspects of co-creation: The purpose, the participants, the processes and the product.