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Geoforum Perspektiv is a peer-reviewed journal published by Geoforum Denmark

The aim of the Journal is to enhance the ongoing research within the field of spatial information.

The Journal is published online free of charge and adheres to the Open Archives Initiative, which aims to facilitate the dissemination of electronic content. Authors submitting their work will therefore be also required to submit harvestable metadata. Authors publishing on Geoforum Perpektiv retain full but non-exclusive rights in their articles, and will be required to use one of the Creative Commons licenses for submitting their work (HTTP://CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG). The Journal requires authors not to submit their works to other publishers for review while the article proceeds through the Geoforum Perpektiv review process. During this process however, the article will be already posted in the web site under the "Articles under Review" section to facilitate the timely exchange of ideas and progress of science. As soon as the article is accepted for publication, it will be moved to the Published section of the Web site. This process ensures that articles are published as quickly as possible and do not suffer the usual delays of journals in print.

The Journal is also published in a printed version which is distributed to the members of Geoforum Denmark and the authors of the printed articles.


ISSN: 1601-8796


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Vol 13, No 24 (2014): INSPIRE for good governance - UK edition

This recent issue of Geoforum Perspektiv is of course inspired by INSPIRE - The Conference. The INSPIRE Conference is held for the eighth time this year and this time in Denmark. It is thus obvious to focus on the status of the INSPIRE-implementationin Denmark.

Table of Contents

INSPIRE for good governance PDF
Line Hvingel
INSPIRE – Why is This Such a Good Idea PDF
Ulla Kronborg Mazolli
INSPIRE Implementation at the Ministry of Environment PDF
Allan Kristensen, Anders Windelin, Lars Storgaard
GIS Readiness Survey 2014 PDF
Lise Schrøder, Line Hvingel, Henning Sten Hansen, Jesper Høi Skovdal
Denmark's Elevation Model – Climate Challenges – Emergency Management – Be Prepared PDF
Jørgen Bierrings, Gitte Rosenkranz
The Basic Data Programme – A Danish Infrastructure Model for Public Data PDF
Nicolas Lemcke Horst, Sara Bjerre, Morten Lind, Line Hvingel
The Municipalities and INSPIRE – Any Connection? PDF
Inge Flensted
Free Geodata Have Made the Number of Users of the Map Supply Website Explode PDF
Bente Steffensen, Tina Svan Colding, Anne Marie Carstens


Geodata – Not Just for Maps PDF
Erik Kjems