New components provide easier access to reuse of Danish GIS data


  • Inga Marie Galløe Danmarks Miljøportal



Danmarks Miljøportal (The Danish Environmental Internetportal) has launched a number of GIS components, which attracted great interest at the latest presentation. Here you can read more about the components, their use, why they were developed, and their future.   The background is that Danmarks Miljøportal's users during long time have requested the option to display more data in the Miljøportalen's systems at the same time that metadata can be easily updated.   In Denmark, we have an ambition to democratize access to knowledge about the environment, and this has driven our expansion of the digital infrastructure around environmental data and GIS for over a decade. Today, that effort is more important than ever before. This is because the plans for Denmark require much more land than we have access to - at the same time that we have to find locations for projects that contribute to the green transition. Here, GIS plays a decisive role, and therefore Danmarks Miljøportal focuses on paving the way for improvements in the geodata industry.