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The aim of the Journal is to enhance the ongoing research within the field of spatial information.

The Journal is published online free of charge and adheres to the Open Archives Initiative, which aims to facilitate the dissemination of electronic content. Read more about this under Editorial Policies.

The Journal is also published in a printed version which is distributed to the members of Geoforum Denmark and the authors of the printed articles.

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Call for contributions to a special issue on Geodata and GI in education


In Denmark, teaching of geography in primary school has very ambitious goals. Geography is clearly expected to contribute to the scientific training of the pupils. In the official guidance to the profession emphasis is placed on the following scientific skills: study, modeling, perspective and communication. All four can be supported with GIS and geodata – but how to make it in practice?

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Special issue on Performative maps publish

Things mapped and planned as part of municipal planning have a tendency to become “real”, but also other mapping exercises have proven themselves to be performatory in the sense that, “once mapped – it will be”. Hence, the scope of this volume is to address the performative role of maps and mapping at various scales and across different mapping traditions.  
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New scientific paper published


The cloud offers great advantages for internet hosting of applications and data. In this paper, we review and discuss some of these advantages in relation to a new cloud-hosted Web-GIS application for the Danish Road Directorate, serving live traffic geodata to Danish road users.

You may find the paper here

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Vol 16, No 31 (2017): OPSAMLING, PLUS ++ 2017

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