Perspectives on the Anthropocene. New humanities I • Vol 25
Perspectives on the Anthropocene. New humanities I • Vol 25

Perspectives on the Anthropocene registers the impact of the Anthropocene across several fields. Thus, the articles play out across genres and media, popular as well as elite, and deal with poetry, prose fiction, television, and Hollywood and Bollywood cinema. The articles, moreover, address and represent diverse geographical locations: the USA, Greenland, Scandinavia, Europe, and India. The contributors come from across the university ranks and include students completing their degrees, doctoral students, post docs, associate and full professors. Lastly, the contributors hail from across the globe, representing nationalities from Asia, Europe, North America, and Scandinavia. The articles, we hope, will contribute to the ongoing dialogue between humans who try to find a way in the Anthropocene – for themselves, and for other living beings.

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Jens Kirk, Lars Bang Larsen, Morten Ziethen
Perspectives on the Anthropocene : An Introduction
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Bageshree Trivedi
Re-viewing the Anthropocene: Ecofeminism and Decoloniality in Dhruv Bhatt’s Akoopār (2010)
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Amar Singh, Shipra Tholia
Twisted Skeins of Women and Wilderness: Retelling Shakespeare’s Shrew in Amit Masurkar’s Sherni
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Emilie Dybdal
Dansk grønlandslitteratur og jagten på det antropocæne
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Irina Souch
Troubling the water: Hydro-imaginaries in Nordic television drama
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Robert A Saunders
Ghostbusting in the Late Anthropocene: The 1980s, (Un)Conscious Climate Culture, and Our Holocene Afterlives
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Anna S. Reuter
It’s complicated: On the responsibility of literature and literary criticism using the poem “Gentle Now, Don’t Add To Heartache” as an example
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Jens Kramshøj Flinker
Econarratology, the novel, and Anthropocene imagination
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Mads Nyborg Jespersen, Jens Kirk, Asger Jul Rosendorf
Knowing the Anthropocene
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