Call for Papers: Special Issue on Spatial Data Science in Planning



This edition of Perspektiv aims to showcase the latest developments, applications, and challenges in Spatial Data Science. We invite contributions that highlight the role of advanced analytics, machine learning, and spatial modeling in extracting meaningful insights from geospatial data. Whether discussing innovative methodologies, case studies, or theoretical frameworks, we encourage submissions that demonstrate the potential impact of Spatial Data Science across diverse domains.

The burgeoning interest in Spatial Data Science underscores the need for collaborative exploration and knowledge exchange. The intersection of data science and geospatial information has transformative implications for numerous sectors, including urban planning, environmental analysis, transportation, and more. The Geoforum Spatial Data Science Committee recognizes the value of fostering a network that facilitates this interdisciplinary exchange.


Focus of the Issue

We invite submissions that align with the themes of Spatial Data Science, encompassing for example Python, R, AI/ML, Business Intelligence, and their integration with geographic data. Authors are encouraged to explore both theoretical and practical aspects, sharing insights, case studies, methodologies, and real-world applications.


Call for Contributions

Authors are invited to contribute to this special issue, either in the scientific (peer-reviewed) section or the technical (non-peer-reviewed) section.


Editorial Board for the Issue

The editors of the special issue can be contacted at:

- Ane Rahbek Vierø, IT University of Copenhagen,

- Thomas Theis Nielsen, Roskilde University,


Important Dates

- The deadline for expression of interest is January 15, 2024
- The deadline for submission of papers is April 4, 2024
- Expected publication will be during summer 2024