A consolidated editorial board


A consolidated editorial board.

Since 2002, Geoforum Perspektiv has throughout the years contributed to fostering research within the field of geographical (spatial) information and to disseminating this knowledge to Danish authorities, private businesses, as well as Danish research institutes. Due to new demands from The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the journal has formalized the review process (and implemented a double-blind review supported by Open Journal System (OJS)), as well as consolidated the editorial board.

The new editorial board consists of one representative from all Danish universities:

  • Line Hvingel, Editor in chief, Associate professor, Aalborg University
  • Martin Rudbeck Jepsen, Associate professor, Københavns University
  • Peder Klith Bøcher, Associate professor, Aarhus University
  • Per Grau Møller, Associate professor, University of Southern Denmark
  • Thomas Theis Nielsen, Associate professor, Roskilde University
  • Per Knudsen, Professor, Technical University of Denmark
  • Thorhildur Jetzek, Ph.D. stud., Copenhagen Business School
  • Jakob Fredslund, Senior Solutions Architect, Alexandra Institute

Reviewers are chosen according to topic from Danish, Nordic as well as European Research Institutes (requirement: min. Ph.D.)