BIM & GIS Connectivity paves the way for really Smart Cities


  • Ulf Månsson SWECO Position AB



Geodesign, BIM, GIS, Internet of things, Semantic Web, Smart Cities


We now see several good examples of Smart City and Geodesign initiatives around the world. They often depend on BIM & GIS data. However, interoperability is a challenge that must be adressed in a more efficient way.

So what is required to take the leap from good examples to broad and mainstream application in urban and regional development?

In this article I describe  some key success factors for this development, and outline important challenges. I also touch on the V-Con innovation project addressing these challenges.

Author Biography

Ulf Månsson, SWECO Position AB

Ulf Månsson works at SWECO with focus on Spatial ETL and he is a FME Certified Professional and Trainer.


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