Registration of location - a close relation between BBR and GeoDanmark

  • Helle Kirkedal Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen


During the past years, a process of geocoding the BBR's buildings (Building and Dwelling Register) into GeoDanmark has been carried out. The nationwide geocoding has given good results and led to a major data boost with gains for the management of data in both registers. Being able to compare the registrations in BBR with GeoDanmark means that you can carry out better controls. It also brings new possibilities of automatic processes where data is updated between the registers based on established rules for data coherence between the registers. In relation to the location, BBR is thus used to update information in GeoDanmark, for example the objects' status in the life cycle. BBR's buildings can also make designation points for GeoDanmark's production. These updates are made through the editor,

Author Biography

Helle Kirkedal, Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen


Registerforvaltning (BBR og OIS)