Reference models create coherence in data on roads and watercourses

  • Kristine Munk Pollas SDFE
  • Sanne Karlsen Vejdirektoratet
  • Kenneth Ibsen Miljøstyrelsen


A digital public sector must be based on good and coherent digital data. SDFE and KL have collaborated with the Danish Road Directorate and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency on the development of linear reference models, which create a connection between GeoDanmark's geographical registrations and data for road management and watercourse management, respectively. The Danish Road Directorate and the municipalities are now implementing the so-called VRD-reference in the road management systems, thereby reaping the benefits of a common reference for the many road data.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has carried out a Proof Of Concept for the use of the Watercourse Reference. The watercourse reference can be used in particular in the task of the river basin management plans, which must ensure that the watercourses meet the EU's objectives.