New Technologies for the Prevention of Excavation Damages

Using Reality Capture and Augmented Reality

  • Lasse Hedegaard Hansen Department of the Built Environment
  • Simon Swanström Wyke Department of the Built Environment
  • Torbjørn Mandahl Pedersen
  • Erik Kjems Department of the Built Environment


Inaccurate and even lack of documentation is the main cause of excavation damage in Denmark. A pipe excavation is most often an expensive and time-consuming affair, and therefore both pipe owners and excavators strive to avoid it as much as possible.

The new initiatives with LER 2.0 are a step towards creating coherent data to provide a better overview and thus fewer excavation damage, but the use of new technologies can prevent excavation damage even more.

This article presents experiences with the use of 3D point cloud technology (Reality Capture) for registration utility pipes during the excavation work

Author Biography

Lasse Hedegaard Hansen, Department of the Built Environment

Division of Transportation Engineering