INSPIRE Implementation at the Ministry of Environment

  • Allan Kristensen Naturstyrelsen
  • Anders Windelin Miljøstyrelsen
  • Lars Storgaard Geodatastyrelsen
Keywords: INSPIRE, administration, environmental administration, spatial information, governance


At the Ministry of the Environment, we find it important to use INSPIRE wherever this makes sense. This means that the implementation of the Directive does not take place simply because we as an EU member state are under an obligation to implement it. We do this primarily because INSPIRE provides us with a good, extensive and, not least, thoroughly researched methodologically sound framework that can support our own (i.e. Denmark's) efforts in the construction of an infrastructure for spatial information. In this effort, we aim to make sure that INSPIRE forms the foundation for Danish digital governance. This brings INSPIRE's data sets and services into use in the concrete handling of tasks. The implementation of INSPIRE calls for control and coordination, as we focus on a good relation to the digital administration, and in particular the administration of the environmental and nature area. In other words, governance. This article gives an account of the Danish Geodata Agency's role in connection with the implementation of INSPIRE. It also provides examples of implementation projects in the Ministry of the Environment that are based on spatial data sets.

Author Biographies

Allan Kristensen, Naturstyrelsen
Anders Windelin, Miljøstyrelsen
Lars Storgaard, Geodatastyrelsen