Free Geodata Have Made the Number of Users of the Map Supply Website Explode

  • Bente Steffensen Geodatastyrelsen
  • Tina Svan Colding Geodatastyrelsen
  • Anne Marie Carstens Geodatastyrelsen
Keywords: Data distribution, free data, digital administration


Things have moved fast since the Danish Geodata Agency on 1 January 2013 opened up for everybody to access geographical maps and data freely at the Map Supply website, Kortforsyningen (the Map Supply) has had more than 1.6 billion requests for web services, more than 300,000 files have been downloaded from the FTP server, and the number of users has increased from 800 to more than 13,000. There are also indications that even during the first year of free spatial core data (2013), there have been benefits in the private sector in the form of greater turnover and more jobs.

Author Biographies

Bente Steffensen, Geodatastyrelsen
Tina Svan Colding, Geodatastyrelsen
Anne Marie Carstens, Geodatastyrelsen