An Eco-Logic of Change: the need for an Affective Re-valuation of Urban Space


  • Jonas Fritsch ITU
  • Kristine Samson Roskilde University



This paper attempts to make a contribution to the growing awareness put forward in this special issue that we need to cultivate new ways of bringing the lived, felt qualities and atmosphere of urban spaces into city planning.

The paper proposes thinking with the entanglements, atmospheric politics and qualities of this critical zone and its throwntogetherness of space through an exploration of how affective data might become instrumental in revaluing urban space attuned to an ecologic of change.

In the paper, we will present a conceptual foundation for the work in relation to an ongoing collaboration with Byhaven på Sundholm (the City Garden in Sundholm). We will focus on the production of different forms of affective data and how it might influence urban planning and technology design, and reflect on the methodological implications this has for our respective fields of inquiry; evental urbanism and affective interaction design.

Author Biographies

Jonas Fritsch, ITU

Jonas Fritsch, PhD, is Associate Professor in Interaction Design at the IT University of Copenhagen in the Department of Digital Design where he is heading the Affective Interaction & Relations (AIR) Lab and Research Group ( His work revolves around a creative thinking of interaction design, design processes, experience philosophy and affect theory through practical, often urban, design experiments with e.g. interactive sound and physical interfaces.

Kristine Samson, Roskilde University

Associate Professor, PhD
Visual Culture and Performance Design
Department of Communication and Arts 
Roskilde University