GDPR Compliance in Smart City projects


  • Eirik Oterholm Nielsen DTU
  • Christian D. Jensen DTu



There is a great development in the use of Smart City technologies in Denmark. Sensors are installed in several places in the urban space in order to collect data that can improve municipal service - even across municipal boundaries. But which data is the municipalities allowed to collect and store? Which data must be shared with others - and how? And how is personal data in practice secured against abuse?

As part of the SAnD project (Sikker og Anvendt Data) we are writing a handbook that discusses these topics. It is about knowing who is allowed to access which data, in what situations and with what authority.

The collection, storage and use of data must also be transparent to the citizen, so that citizens can see how and why their data is being used. In this way, greater trust and goodwill can be created for Smart City projects.

Author Biography

Eirik Oterholm Nielsen, DTU

Research Assistant