GIS for use in primary and secondary school

A story about the project's visions, creation and perspective


  • Jesper Nielsen Geoinfo



"SchoolGIS" is a combination of exercises in science issues and free access to browser-based GIS software, where data can be collected, stored, processed, analyzed, and, not least, visualized via digital web maps.

The purpose of the application is to help school students to recognize connections between the complex phenomena of science. Digital maps are a powerful tool for differentiating teaching, and they offer something special in the form of beautiful visualizations on web maps. When you look at a map and see, e.g. how volcanoes are placed like pearls on a string along the tectonic plate boundaries, it tells its own story as an excellent supplement in the recognition phase of a complex context.

Here follows the story of the "SchoolGIS" project's relevance, background and genesis, and the opportunities and perspectives that come with it when schools get free access to powerful GIS software.