The Challenges of Arts and Humanities • Vol. 13
The Challenges of Arts and Humanities • Vol. 13

During the past few decades, a spectre has emerged, which is now haunting the Arts and Humanities in the Western world. The question posed by this spectre is: What is the usefulness of studying Arts and Humanities? This has manifested itself in a decreasing acknowledgment, which again has resulted in considerable downsizing and diverse forms of crisis management. In this political realm this volume provides an alternative story about Arts and Humanities through the more constructive phrasing of the question: Which needs in society do the Arts and Humanities respond to and accommodate? The volume is divided into two sections. The first section addresses the “Historical positions of Arts and Humanities in society: Criticism, control and collaboration”. Here, the overall question is discussed at a general level. The aim of the second section “How to reinvent the Arts and Humanities: Defining disciplines and cross disciplinary developments” is to discuss a possible renaissance of the arts and humanities, focusing on different disciplines and cross disciplinary developments. 

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Gunhild Agger, Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Antje Gimmler, Falk Heinrich, Tytti Soila
Introduction - Two Stories of the Arts and Humanities – and a Third Version Emerging
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Anders Ekström
A Failed Response? The Humanities in Transition
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Antje Gimmler
Practicing Humanities
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Robin Nelson
Validating Arts Research: Reflections on the UK research audit culture and arts ‘doing-knowing
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Falk Heinrich
The Affordances of Arts and Humanities in Multidisciplinary Projects: Contributions to Sensemaking Processes
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Birthe Mousten, Anne Lise Laursen
Specialized Languages: The alter ego of any research field
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Karl Erik Schøllhammer
New encounters between arts and research
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Chunfang Zhou, Lene Tanggaard Pedersen, Hui Zhang
Studying the Complexity of Craftsmen’s Creativity: Calling for a Cross-Disciplinary Research in the Future
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Bolette Rye Mønsted
Humanities and the future notion of societal impact
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Frederikke Winther, Thomas Duus Henriksen, Gorm Larsen
Students’ pondering: An educational challenge to the arts and humanities in a market-oriented education system
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Mathias Clasen, Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen
A Consilient Approach to Horror Video Games: Challenges and Opportunities
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Nikita A. Kharlamov, Einar Baldvin Baldursson
Liberating methodological thinking in human sciences from grand theories
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Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld
Opening up the Humanities: Camping Women as a Humanities exploratorium (essay)
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