Icons • Vol. 10
Icons • Vol. 10

This issue of Academic Quarter on the topic of Icon brings together scholars from film and media history, art history, literary history, imagology, cultural semiotics, star studies, fashion studies and cultural studies, initiating a further exploration of the phenomenon of ‘cultural iconicity’. For the purpose of this issue we propose the following definition of a cultural icon: A commercialized, yet sacralized visual, aural or textual representation anchored in a specific temporal/historical and spatial/geographical context, broadly recognized by its recipients as having iconic status for a group of human agents within one or several discursive fields/communities.

Within are contributions analyzing the phenomenon of cultural iconicity in the following areas of study: literature, music, art, fashion, film and other visual media, including photography. The reader will find papers that contribute further to the theorization of the field and its concepts, as well as papers that offer analyses of specific cases of cultural iconicity. 

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Bent Sørensen, Helle Thorsøe Nielsen
Cultural Iconicity: An Emergent Field
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Jørgen Riber Christensen
Deep England
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Anna Klara Bom
Affective practice in the icon-city: Ownership, authenticity and fictionalization of urban space
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Lisa Wiklund
Circus days: The 1990s as an iconic period of time for Swedish Internet entrepreneurs
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Iben Bredahl Jessen
Variations of a brand logo: Google’s doodles
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Stinne Gunder Strøm Krogager
Den androgyne figur som ikon: Om Euromans brug af ikonografiske forlæg i modereportagen
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Jos Mulder
The Iconic Microphone: Insight and Audibility: Iconic Sound in Media
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Steen Christiansen
Bullet-Time: A Temporal Icon
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Dale K. Andrews
An Animated Adoration: The Folk Art of Japanese Gamers
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Jørgen Riber Christensen
The Icon of the Zombie Mob
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Ellie Lavan
The friction of the animal and the divine: Sex and the circus in Neil Jordan’s The Miracle (1991)
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Helle Kannik Haastrup
Hollywood Icons: Contemporary Film Stars in Celebrity Genres
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Penny Spirou
He’s Still Here: Joaquin Phoenix as Transgressive Hollywood Star
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Gara L. Lampley
All that jazz: Josephine Baker’s Image, Identity & Iconicity
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Nicolás Lliano Linares
Your blood is our blood: The metaphorical extensions of ‘Lucho’ Herrera’s glory
Natia Gokieli
The Iconicity of an ‘Immigrant Writer’: Jonas Hassen Khemiri and Yahya Hassan
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Erja Simuna
The Northern Irish hunger strikers as cultural icons
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Mirjam Gebauer
The Pop-Icon Hitler as a Trope of Critical Reflection on Media Society: The World‘s Most Recognisable Face
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Bent Sørensen
Images of Freud: Icon-Work
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