Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture • Vol. 7
Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture • Vol. 7

Bestseller and blockbuster culture includes new ways of producing, distributing and experiencing media. Bestseller and blockbuster productions encompass production values in which a new type of pragmatic cooperation with external partners takes place. Films and television series are produced as platform productions for different media (cinema, television, mobile media) in combination with merchandise, franchising and destination tourism. To an increasing degree, books are published as e-books, thus contributing to changes in the culture of reading. Various agents and platforms contribute to new distributive modes of bestseller and blockbuster productions: publishers, bookshops, libraries, the DVD-market, online television channels and international cooperation agents.

The phenomenon of bestseller and blockbuster culture is the subject of investigation in this volume of Academic Quarter.

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Gunhild Agger, Rasmus Grøn, Hans Jørn Nielsen, Anne Marit Wade
Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture. Introduction
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Rasmus Grøn
The Bestseller List and its (Dis)contents: The construction of ’the bestseller’
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Stig Hjarvard, Rasmus Helles
Digital Books on the Point of Take-off? The Ebook in Denmark Anno 2013
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Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Unni From
Blockbusters as Vehicles for Cultural Debate in Cultural Journalism
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Bent Sørensen
Fieldwork: Paul Auster as a Popular Postmodern Fiction Writer
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Birgit Eriksson
Pure and Public, Popular and Personal: and the Inclusiveness of Borgen as a Public Service Blockbuster
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Brian Russell Graham
Frye and the Opposition between Popular Literature and Bestsellers
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Kerstin Bergman
Genre-Hybridization – a Key to Hyper-Bestsellers? The use and function of different fiction genres in The Da Vinci Code and The Millennium Trilogy
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Maria Nilson
From The Flame and the Flower to Fifty Shades of Grey: Sex, Power and Desire in the Romance Novel
Anker Gemzøe
The Family Saga as a Bestseller Strategy
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Steen Christiansen
Hyper Attention Blockbusters: Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy
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Anders Lysne
Tonally Teen? Issues of Audience Appeal in Contemporary Danish Youth Films
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Kim Toft Hansen
Blockbuster Genres in Danish Independent Film
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Anne Marit Waade, Pia majbritt Jensen
Nordic Noir Production Values: The Killing and The Bridge
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Rune Eriksson
Characters and Topical Diversity: Characters and Topical Diversity
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Margaret Mackey
Finding the Next Book to Read in a Universe of Bestsellers, Blockbusters, and Spin-Offs
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Thessa Jensen, Peter Vistisen
Tent-Poles of the Bestseller: How Cross-media Storytelling can spin off a Mainstream Bestseller
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Claus Toft-Nielsen
“It’s such a wonderful world to inhabit”: Spatiality, Worldness and the Fantasy Genre
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Constantine Verevis
Blockbuster Remakes
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Lynge Agger Gemzøe
Brødre vs. Brothers: The Transatlantic Remake as Cultural Adaptation
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Gunhild Agger
The Role of History in Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture
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Mirjam Gebauer
When the Ocean Strikes Back: Frank Schätzing’s Eco-thriller The Swarm and the Pop-cultural Imagination of Global Environmental Disaster
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Mikkel Fugl Eskjær
The Climate Catastrophe as Blockbuster
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Anna Estera Mrozewicz
Porous Borders: Crossing the Boundaries to ‘Eastern Europe’ in Scandinavian Crime Fiction
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Jim Collins
Fifty Shades of Seriality and E-Readers Games: Key Note Speech
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