Co-production and co-creation: Perspectives, forms of practice, and contexts • Vol 23
Co-production and co-creation: Perspectives, forms of practice, and contexts • Vol 23

During the past decade, co-creation and co-production have become significant buzzwords throughout society, often serving as processual means and as new solutions to complex societal challenges. Co-creation and co-production processes often involve a variety of stakeholders, and the terms indicate getting things done through democratic collaboration. This issue contains 11 papers concerning co-creation and co-production covering different areas. The focus is mainly theoretical, and the papers discuss in different ways a variety of challenges related to co-creation and co-production covering topics such as: co-creative and collaborative research practices; co-production of social- and health services; cross-institutional co-creation; co-creation of cultural experience in art institutions; and co-production in community development and city planning. It is our hope that these articles will contribute to a nuanced debate on this phenomenon. This issue will be followed up by another volume in the spring 2022 focusing more on co-creation and co-production in practice.

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Ann Starbæk Bager, Lone Hersted, Ottar Ness
Co-Production and Co-Creation: Critical Examination of Contemporary Dominant Participatory Discourses
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Anne Tortzen
Democratic possibilities and limitations of digital co-creation: Exploring ICT facilitated platforms in Reykjavik and Barcelona
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Janne Paulsen Breimo, Asbjørn Røiseland
“Samskaping” i norsk offentlig sektor: Endringer, opportunisme eller symbolpolitikk?
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Kristina Bakke Åkerblom
When peer support workers engage in co-creating mental health services: An unexplored resource in mental health service transformation
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Michael John Norton , Calvin Swords
Creating Equality for those in Crisis : Transforming Acute Inpatient Mental Health Services through Co-Production
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Ole Petter Askheim
Samskaping som revitalisering av samfunnsarbeid i sosialt arbeid – mulighet eller blindspor?
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Ellen Syrstad , Håvard Aaslund
Hvilke posisjoner kan være vanskelige å innta i forskning for medforskere som er avhengige av hjelpeapparatet? Om samskapingsprosesser med medforskere fra marginaliserte grupper
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Rick Iedema
Social research at a time of fast feedback and rapid change: The case for ‘slow science’
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Kristina Maria Madsen, Mia Falch Yates
Mapping and understanding the potentials of co-creative efforts in museum experience design processes
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Torild Alise W. Oddane , Ingrid Stenøien
Tilrettelegging for samskapt FoU i et tverr-institusjonelt partnerskap om universitetsskoler
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Atle Ødegård, Ragnhild Holmen Waldahl, Elisabeth Willumsen, Tatiana Iakovleva, Jon Strype
The conceptual and methodological development of the Social Innovation Measurement Model Questionnaire (SIMM-Q)
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