Fritid | Leisure • Vol. 11
Fritid | Leisure • Vol. 11

This issue of Academic Quarter on the topic of Leisure brings together scholars from a vast variety of academic fields, having different perspectives on topics relating to leisure as well as investigating different objects, artifacts, and phenomenon in relation to leisure. For the purpose of this issue we will follow the idea of leisure as transformative, and by doing this we differentiate ourselves substantially from Veblen's notion of 'conspicuous leisure'. Within are contributions researching, analyzing, and transforming the notion of leisure, placing it in the social, cultural, and technological reality of today. The reader will find papers that contribute to a further theorization of the field, its concepts, and scope.

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Tem Frank Andersen, Thessa Jensen
Leisure: An Introduction
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Annette M. Holba
Leisure as a Philosophical Act: Thinking, Acting, and Being
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Karl Spracklen
From Playful Pleasure to Dystopian Control: Marx, Gramsci, Habermas and the Limits of Leisure
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Brian Russell Graham
Northrop Frye on Leisure as Activity
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Charlotte Wegener, Ninna Meier, Karen Ingerslev
Drinking coffee at the workplace: Work or leisure?
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Tina Jørgensen, Anette Therkelsen
Working out who you are: Identity formation among fitness tourists
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Jørgen Riber Christensen, Julie Cecilie Hansen, Frederik Holm Larsen, Jesper Sig Nielsen
From Snapshot to Snapchat: Panopticon or Synopticon?
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Ricardo Vidal Torres, Lorna Heaton
When does leisure become work? An exploration of Foldit
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Sebastian F. K. Svegaard
Critical Vidders: Fandom, Critical Theory and Media
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Lars Konzack
Mark Rein•Hagen’s Foundational Influence on 21st Century Vampiric Media
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Miriam Vosmeer, Jeroen Jansz, Liesbet van Zoonen
I’d like to have a house like that: Female players of The Sims
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Ole Ertløv Hansen
Casual Games: Digitale fritidsspil
Tove Arendt Rasmussen, Thomas Mosebo Simonsen
Fritid er produktiv tid i den audiovisuelle mediekultur
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Michael F. Wagner
The Honey Trap: Love for the automobile and its consequences
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Trine Bundgaard, Bo Poulsen
Digitalt dilemma: Museumsgæsters oplevelse af Sæby Museum
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Robert Winstanley-Chesters
The Socialist Modern at Rest and Play: Spaces of Leisure in North Korea
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Tem Frank Andersen, Thessa Jensen
Where ever I lay my device, that’s my home: Revisiting the concept of domestication in the Age of Mobile Media and Wearable Devices
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