Arts Agency • Vol. 16
Arts Agency • Vol. 16

One of the recent turns in the humanities and arts research is the switch from a focus on art as a static, representational thing to art as an active actor within a larger network of agential objects. What unites these approaches is that they all suggest that art is something that does things. Such a perspective explodes the notion of art, opening it up to a broad range of practices, where art participates in society instead of merely reflecting society. Art is thus not only a cultural field a la Pierre Bourdieu (1993) but also a range of practices intent on engaging our senses and sensibilities. Where earlier aesthetic and cultural research focused on matters of meaning, signification, and hermeneutics, this special issue asks questions of aesthesis, materiality, agency, performativity, sensation, and feeling. Not as a matter of rejecting earlier findings but simply as an attempt to explore the “other side” of the experience of art.

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Steen Ledet Christiansen, Jens Lohfert Jørgensen, Frederik Tygstrup
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Lance Putnam, Elizabeth Jochum
Computation as Medium: Agency and Motion in Interactive Art
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Steen Ledet Christiansen
Sounds of Futures Past: Materiality, Hauntology, Affect
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Beate Schirrmacher
Disturbing the Metaphor: Performance and Medial Presence in the Fiction of Elfriede Jelinek and Günter Grass
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Jens Kirk
Changing Your Vision for Good: The Work of Words and Books in Robert Macfarlane’s Landmarks
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Kim Malmbak  Meltofte Møller
Experiencing a painting: An interdisciplinary discussion regarding epistemology and experiencing
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Anders Bonde, Birger Larsen
Studying the Aesthetics of Images and Advertising Films: Combining Systemic-Functional Grammar and Audience Physiology
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Birgit Eriksson
Dissolving Europe? Fear of refugees and ourselves in Christian Lollike’s Living Dead
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Linani Lochner
What Literature Can Do: Performing Affect in Zoë Wicomb’s October
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Jodie Childers
Making Art as Resistance: The Psychiatric Patient as Subject
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Katalin Halász
Performing Sociology at a Music Festival
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Frederik Tygstrup
The Work of Art: From Fetish to Forum
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Rita Felski
How is an Art Work an Agent?
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