Creativity and creative approaches in human science • Vol 09
Creativity and creative approaches in human science • Vol 09

The initiative to organize an issue of Academic Quarter on creativity originates from the 32th International Human Science Research Conference (IHSRC), which took place at the University of Aalborg in the Northern Denmark in August 2013. Here the overall theme of the conference was ’Creativity in Human Science Research, Methodology and Theory’. More than 150 human scientists from all over the world participated in the conference in Denmark. According to the conference flyer:


"All human sciences exist in a tension between tradition and renewal. At the conference, we hope that participants will discuss how to renew the human sciences creatively, and also to present ideas about what creativity is as a basic human phenomenon. How can phenomenological, hermeneutic and other human science traditions be respected and yet renewed in creative directions? How – and how much – should human scientists experiment with creative methodological practices when researching human phenomena? What role can the arts play? Are there limits to creativity? Can human beings become too creative – in life as well as in research? And what can human scientists actually contribute with to the current creativity discourse?"


Many of those who have contributed to the present issue attended the conference.
This issue raises a fundamental question that must be of importance for every human scientist: What is creativity really? And how can and why should a more ‘creative’ approach in human science be understood and defended? In what ways can phenomenology and hermeneutics become more open to insights into the nature of creativity and how should we talk about creative ways of doing phenomenology, hermeneutics, and human science as such?
In the current issue, you will find many different answers to what creativity is and what a creative human science approach could look like, and how to practice it. We have organized the content of this issue (28 articles) under four main themes:

• Promoting Creativity
• Creativity and Research Methods
• Educational Approaches and Methods
• Design, Aesthetics and Creativity

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Steen Halling, finn Thorbjørn Hansen
Creativity as opening toward new beginnings
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Lene Tanggaard, Vlad Petre Glaveanu
Creativity assessment as intervention: The case of creative learning
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Ann Charlotte Thorsted
How play enhances creativity in problem based learning
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Tatiana Chemi, Julie Borup Jensen
How Do Artists Learn and What can Educators Learn From Them?
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Thessa Jensen
Considering Collaborative Creativity
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Lukasz Swiatek
Rewarding and Promoting Creativity: New Approaches, Old Realities
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Pia Dreyer, Bente Martinsen, Annelise Norlyk, Anita Haahr
Creativity in phenomenological methodology
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Lene Teglhus Kauffmann
Creativity in ethnographic interviews
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Susanne Dau
The use of the three fold mimesis: New Approaches, Old Realities
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Kristin Falck Saghaug, georg Pattison, Peter Lindgren
Revealing Hearts: Paul Tillich’s Concept of Revelation: an Application to Business Innovation
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Susanna Hast
Creativity and the Study of Emotions: A Perspective of an International Relations Scholar
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Deb Verhoeven, Alwyn Davidson, Alex Gionfriddo, James Verhoeven, Peter Gravestock
Turning Gigabytes into Gigs: “Songification” and Live Music Data
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Mo Mandi´c
Finding Oneself Lost in Enquiry: Being a Researcher
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Anne Maj Nielsen
How the researcher’s experience of visual images can contribute to qualitative research
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Edith Ellefsen
Experiencing creativity in the qualitative data analysis: A theoretical model for pedagogy
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Søren S. E. Bengtsen, Helle Mathiasen
Researching online supervision: The need for a “torn” methodology
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Susan James
Hello, it’s NoelleTM. I think I am in labour…: The case of creative learning
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Chunfang Zhou
A Student Project as an ‘Extra Group Member’: A Metaphor for the Development of Creativity in Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
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Martin Mølholm
The Dispositif of Creativity & The Subjectification of the Creative Individual: What the Creative Human Being can/cannot be
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Sarah L. Morris
Words Within: Creativity, Flow, and Body
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Shogo Tanaka
Creation between two minded-bodies: Intercorporeality and social cognition
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Søren Bolvig Poulsen, Anete Strand
A creative designerly touch: Nurturing transformation through creativity in the meaning-mattering of design processes
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Ian Coxon
Explore, Understand, Share and Show How: Four creative ways to use hermeneutic phenomenology to inspire human-centred creativity in engineering design
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Peter Vistisen
Abductive sensemaking through sketching: A categorization of the dimensions in sketching capacities in design
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David Seamon
Looking at a Photograph – André Kertész’s 1928 Meudon: Interpreting Aesthetic Experience Phenomenologically
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Mariann B. Sørensen
Narratives and communication in health care practice: What competences are relevant for tomorrow´s health care professionals to communicate about illness, life and death?
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Marcianna Nosek, Elisabeth Marlow, Earthy Young, Yema Lee
Transformative Wonder: An Ex-Con Talking about Heidegger to a Class of Graduate Students
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Vibeke Skov, Inge Nygaard Pedersen
Art Therapy: Psychological Creativity in the healing of mild depression
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Erika Goble, Brenda L. Cameron
Air Hunger: The Sublime In Nursing Practice
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