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Nordic Journal of Commercial Law

The Journal is one of the only academically based journals in the region that regularly publishes commercial law articles in English. The Journal is double blind peer-reviewed and has the aim to publish high quality, original contributions to the field of commercial law. 
The Journal has since its conception in 2003 enjoyed publishing contributions from prominent scholars especially in the fields of international contract and sales law. However, the journal welcomes contributions of an international or Nordic character from all authors. The  journal also publishes Commentaries, Reports, and Notes, giving in particular young researchers an opportunity to communicate their work to a wider international audience. The Journal accepts proposals for special issues which are limited in topic and gives the opportunity to act as co-editor. 

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Inatsisi (lerituunngorniat)

Inatsisi (lerituunngorniat) betyder direkte oversat "os, der læser regler". Inatsisi (lerituunngorniat) er det grønlandske ord for jurastuderende. Dette online-tidsskrift indeholder nemlig jurastuderendes bachelorprojekter eller kandidatspecialer om grønlandsk ret offentliggjort i et artikelformat. Tidsskriftet er dog også åben for bidrag fra andre, der læser regler, hvis bidraget omhandler grønlandsk ret, herunder artikler, anmeldelse af lærebøger, domsanalyser og lovkommentarer.

De jurastuderendes bachelorprojekter og kandidatspecialer præsenterer nogle af de problemstillinger, som de studerende er optaget af og arbejder med på deres studie – typisk i forbindelse med et projektorienteret forløb i samarbejde med en grønlandsk virksomhed eller myndighed. Projekterne skal opfylde de betingelser, der kræves i henhold til jurauddannelsens læringsmål og vedrøre grønlandsk ret. Det er tillige en betingelse, at projektet er bestået, inden det publiceres i tidsskriftet, men herudover stilles ikke krav til projektets faglige niveau.

Formålet med tidsskriftet er at vække nysgerrighed og at bidrage til vidensdeling om grønlandsk ret ud over jurauddannelsernes begrænsede rammer. De studerende træder blot de første små nysgerrige skridt ad den vej, der på sigt kan føre til indsigtsfuld og veloplyst forskning i grønlandsk ret. Håbet er nemlig, at artiklerne set over en årrække vil bibringe til en faglig og uddybende forståelse af de behandlede emneområder og dermed bidrage med ny viden og udvikling af retsvidenskaben i Grønland.

Inatsisi (lerituunngorniat) udkommer 2 gange årligt i november og maj måned.

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Sociedad y Discurso

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The Journal of Somaesthetics

The Journal of Somaesthetics is a peer-reviewed, online, academic research journal devoted to research that advances the interdisciplinary field of somaesthetics, understood as the critical study and meliorative cultivation of the experience and performance of the living body (or soma) as a site of sensory appreciation (aesthesis) and creative self-stylization. The journal therefore welcomes contributions exploring the field of somaesthetics through one -or more- of the many disciplines that already inform this field: philosophy, aesthetics, arts and design research, technology studies, somatic, health, and social sciences, history, physiology, psychology and pedagogy.

The Journal of Somaesthetics will be published twice a year, and each issue will be principally structured on a particular theme or topic. Supported by a distinguished multidisciplinary and international editorial board of advisors, 

The Journal of Somaesthetics is edited by Prof. Falk Heinrich (Denmark), Prof. Richard Shusterman (USA), Else-Marie Bukdhahl (Denmark), Prof. Stefan Valdemar Snævarr (Norway), Professor Dag Svanaes (Norway), Senior Lecturer Max Ryynnanen (Finland), Prof. Arto Happala (Finland), Anne Tarvainen (Finland), Prof. Mie Buhl (Denmark), Associate Prof. Cumhur Erkut (Denmark), Associate Professor Sofia Dahl (Denmark, Sweden), Professor Kristina Höök (Sweden), Professor Palle Dahlstedt (Sweden), Associate Professor Yanping Gao (China), Professor Mathias Girel (France), Professor Leszek Koczanowicz (Poland).

Current Issue

# Bodies of Belief / Bodies of Care (Vol. 3, Nos. 1 and 2 (2017))

Back Issues

Somaesthetics and Food (Vol. 2, Nos. 1 and 2 (2016))

Somaesthetics and Visual Art (Vol. 1, No1 (2015))

Future Issues

# Somaesthetics and Technology (Upcoming)

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Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication

Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication,
or Globe for short, is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal which seeks to publish original quality research articles in language, linguistics, and communication studies. Globe is an open source journal providing free access to its contents; also Globe does not impose any form of fee or charge on authors who publish in it.

Globe is published at least once a year, and a standard issue consists of a thematic section (whose articles address a specific theme or framework in language and/or communiction) and an open section. In addition, there is a section for reviews of relevant scientific monographs.

Globe appears on the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) authority list for series (level 1). The list is issued by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

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Tidsskrift for Kortlægning og Arealforvaltning

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Geoforum Perspektiv

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Coaching Psykologi

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The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies

Welcome to The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies!

The IJIS is an independent student-driven and faculty-refereed academic journal based at Aalborg University, Denmark, to publish articles from students in the Master Programmes in Development & International Relations and European Studies, and in the specialisations of Chinese Area Studies and Latin American Area Studies, among others.

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Journal of Business Models

The Journal of Business Models is an open source, peer reviewed, international journal devoted to establishing the discipline of business models as a separately recognised core discipline in academia - as is already the case in practice.

The key audience of this journal is academics and dedicated consultants. As this journal aims at pushing the knowledge of the field to a higher level, and to becoming a core discipline in due course, the rigorousness of the review process and the quality of the published papers naturally lend themselves to an expert audience.

However, policy-makers, politicians, entrepreneurs and students with high academic aspirations will also benefit substantially from the mix of articles in this journal. For audiences with lower academic aspirations in academic terms but wanting to get a feel for the newest insights, models and application techniques, we refer to the textbook Business Models: Networking, Innovating and Globalizing.

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International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management

The journal is an international interdisciplinary journal in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management combining engineering and social science within Energy System Analysis, Feasibility Studies and Public Regulation. The journal especially welcomes papers within the following three focus areas:

  • Energy System analysis including theories, methodologies, data handling and software tools as well as specific models and analyses at local, regional, country and/or global level.
  • Economics, Socio economics and Feasibility studies including theories and methodologies of institutional economics as well as specific feasibility studies and analyses.
  • Public Regulation and management including theories and methodologies as well as specific analyses and proposals in the light of the implementation and transition into sustainable energy systems.

The journal is approved by the Norwegian bibliometric Kanalregister as well as its Danish counterpart BFI

The journal is registered/indexed in/by Scopus (Press link to see all published articles in IJSEPM),  Ulrichs WebDirectory of Open-Access JournalsSherpa/Romeo and DataCite .


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Papers in Local and Regional Development

Papers in Local and Regional Development publishes work dealing with problems, potentials and strategies of development in regions and localities under pressure from global and national trends. The papers should provide analyses and suggest new approaches to the study of small cities and peripheries as well as of challenged localities within metropolitan regions. Experience, culture and creative economy together with green economy and sustainability are examples of such new approaches to local end regional development. Innovative ways of dealing with inherited competences in traditional industries is similarly in focus. We encourage integrated approaches providing complex understandings of societal phenomena, and also  recognize the need for in depth discussions of particular notions and theories.

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Musikterapi i Psykiatrien Online

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Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education

The Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education (JPBLHE) represents state of the art research in the theory and practice of PBL in higher education and actively seeks to promote transformative and progressive university pedagogy.

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Journal of China and International Relations

Journal of China and International Relations (JCIR) is a scholarly journal affiliated with the joint research center – China and International Relations – a collaboration between Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark and University of International Relations (UIR), Beijing, China. JCIR is based at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University.

JCIR is committed to publishing informed and insightful analyses from both Western and Chinese scholars worldwide and stimulating the scholarly debate on contemporary China in its new role in the current transnational era of international relations and international political economy. Special encouragement is given to those who want to develop China-oriented theories of international relations and international political economy. JCIR invites the submission of original articles on China and international relations in social sciences and humanities. All articles are peer reviewed. Book reviews are also welcomed.

JCIR is peer reviewed and published online twice a year: An English language issue in early summer and a Chinese language issue in late autumn.

JCIR appears on the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) authority list for series (level 1). The list is issued by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Deadline for the next English language issue: 15 January 2018.


Latest editions:

Chinese:                                              English:
Vol 5, no 2 (2017)                                 Vol 5, no 1 (2017)



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