Fly as One

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Sandboxing; Collaborative sandboxing; storytelling; future making; material storytelling


Strand, Anete, og Thessa Jensen. 2023. “Fly As One: Collaborative Sandboxing As Method”. Academic Quarter | Akademisk Kvarter, nr. 26 (december):4-17.

Abstract | Abstract

This article examines sandboxing as a collaborative storytelling method by turning the sandbox into a place of collaborative storytelling to break open existing narratives and create new and different stories. The paper describes the method itself and the steps to be taken for using sandboxing. While simple in its setting, the process creates the foundation for a collective understanding of complex challenges. The second part of the paper analyses the final setting of a sandbox session on collaborative future-making. The analysis shows the need to connect and fuse apparent binaries and opposites, both in individuals and society at large. While the binary mostly relates to humans and gender characteristics, the division and splitting apart of entities into smaller, countable, and definable parts has been and still is part of an ongoing process in Western culture. Material storytelling in the form of sandboxing plays a small, but important role in recreating the idea of wholeness and community.


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