Glocality and Cosmopolitanism in European Crime Narratives • Vol 22
Glocality and Cosmopolitanism in European Crime Narratives • Vol 22

The issue presents some of the research results obtained by scholars affiliated to the H2020 project DETECt: Detecting Transcultural Identities in European Popular Crime Narratives, as well as contributions by other researchers working in the field of crime fiction, film and television. Mobilising some of DETECt’s leading hypothesis, the issue examines two key aspects of the genre, highlighting the perfect match between crime narratives and contemporary European media: their glocal dimension and their cosmopolitan ethos. The ten articles explore the multiple facets of such complex and contradictory phenomena by looking at the transnational circulation and appropriation of the genre in different parts of the continent (Migozzi, Kalai and Keszeg), the representation of specific spaces and communities (Coviello and Re, Lepratto, Jacquelin, Hiltunen, Steele), the approach to gender and national identities (Gemzøe, Dobrescu), and the role of production cultures (Mikos).

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Monica Dall’Asta , Natacha Levet, Federico Pagello
Glocality and Cosmopolitanism in European Crime Narratives
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Jacques Migozzi
Crime Fiction Import/Export in European Publishing : The Emergence of Euro Noir through the Process of Translation
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Sándor Kálai, Anna Keszeg
Is There such a Thing as a Hungarian Nordic Noir? : Cultural Homogenization and Glocal Agency
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Massimiliano Coviello, Valentina Re
Translocal Landscapes: La porta rossa and the Use of Peripheral Locations in Contemporary Italian TV Crime Drama
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Lothar Mikos
Berlin’s Cosmopolitan Production Culture
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Livio Lepratto
“ROMA(nzo) criminale” : Portrayals of Rome in Third-millennium Crime Genre Screenwriting
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Alice Jacquelin
Identity, Borders and the Environment : New Political Issues in Contemporary French Noir
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Kaisa Hiltunen
Remote but Connected : Lapland as a Scene of Transnational Crime in Ivalo
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Lynge Stegger Gemzøe
Ironic Europe: Gender and National Stereotypes in Killing Eve
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Jamie Nicholas Steele
Identifying the Unknown Girl : The Spaces and Inequalities of the Noir Tradition in La fille inconnue
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Caius Dobrescu
Failed Cultural Hybridity and Takeaways for the Euro-Noir in the American-Romanian Series Comrade Detective
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